Thought I’d start fresh.
I became a wife in 2011 and with that, many changes in how life is like, in how I think and in what I will experience. Starting with a lot of “firsts” like:

First airplane trip together.
First meal with in-laws.
First birthday as a wife.
First piece of mail showing my married name.
First Christmas.
First start of a new year.

And so it’ll continue, with every day and every year. I like it. I look forward to it. In a few months it’ll be our first anniversary…but already I’m thinking of the fifth, 10th, Silver anniversaries. To when we hear and understand each other’s tone perfectly. To when we finish each other’s sentences. To when we can know and anticipate each other’s reactions (accurately!) and respond without the other saying anything. To change and grow together. To when we will be dear old friends who have weathered life together. And become soul mates.

Because I don’t believe you marry them…you have to work on becoming one.

(Alright…am a little rusty in sentence formation and lacking in vocabulary from under use….will stop here.)

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