Trying I Am

As mentioned in “Coincedence“, I’m trying to manage/recover from a certain condition right now. In looking up some natural life style changes that will help, I was given the following tips from an article my Mom passed me. Firstly though:

1. Make a real EFFORT and
2. Make your disease a PRIORITY!

Ok…now the tips:

1. If you are working full time, if possible, switch to part time, or even take a leave of absence. It will speed up your healing process dramatically. It’s scientifically proven that people recover quicker if they rest more.

2. Make your “Priority list”. Those are the top 5 things that are your priority. Stick with this list and don’t add anything else to your plate until you get better. (What do you think goes into a “priority” list…things like laundry? I’m stuck.)

3. Delegate all things that could be delegated to family members, kids, friends and relatives.  The fewer things you do, the better. Set up your personal time and guard this, as it is your biggest treasure. It’s up to you what you’ll do with this time. (I’ve been trying for years to guard personal quiet time…I guess it REALLY does matter that you successfully do so!)

4. Find at least 2 things that you really enjoy doing (the more the better) movies, books, painting, knitting, dancing, or singing. Anything that you really like. Do it as much as possible. Doing things that we love to do makes us happier and thus make our immune system stronger.

5. Stop  volunteering or any other activity that’s taking too much time, energy, or efforts. Rest instead.

6. I would say take 11 hours rest per day. And I mean it. But try it for a week and see how you’re feeling. (Wow…to get that much rest I have to sleep at 9pm. Which means I”ll probably have to find some way to knock myself out that early too.)

7. Getting enough sleep, no matter how, can change the way you view the world. It’s the first must do.

8. Find what you like to do and do more of that. Sooner, or later, you’ll find a way to make money out at it. Don’t punish yourself with a job you don’t like.

9. Clear relationships and communication. Speak up how you’re feeling instead of swallowing it all. Don’t attack the other person. Any unresolved issues must be cleared.

10. Stop worrying. Anxiety is #1 reason for any disease. You know that. Stress is #2. Kill both.

So…I’m trying. It’s hard to start all of these just like that. But easing into it doesn’t seem fast enough either. There’s never a quick fix is there?


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