First Time

Diet restrictions. Major diet restrictions…albeit just for 6 months…but it’s so hard!! I’ve always eaten whatever I enjoyed, no food allergies, no cholesterol…but now, I have to put a huge clamp on what I can allow on my plate/bowl/fork/spoon/chopstick.

To start…I have to straight up avoid these:

  • Seafood (especially kelp products)
  • Dairy products (cheese, icecream, milk)
  • Processed foods (easy enough…we’ve been avoiding that anyways)
  • Caffeine (Tim’s steeped tea!!)
  • Alcohol (and we have all that lovely wine from the Okanagan too)

And then I have to reduce to the bare minimum:

  • Soy products (tofu, soy milk, soy sauce)
  • Grain products like bread
  • Salt (no eating out?!? sigh.)

My Hubby’s the Enforcer…and my pouting isn’t working. Which I’m thankful I guess. I know this is temporary…just 6 short months…but for someone who LOVES food. It’s hard. I’m not disciplined. And I will whine about it for the first week or two.

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