I’m Trying

I promised to post some drawings…so here we go…

Title: Watching the Game (an Oilers game…hence his facial expression)
Medium: Crayons on paper, 15 minute sketch
This is the third sketch I did of my willing model and Hubby…you don’t need to see the first two. I’m happy to say this one actually resembles him!

And then I tried a self portrait. Let me preface by saying self portraits are hard. The mirrors around the house aren’t exactly mobile and then the lighting in front of the mirrors suck. So I ended up with this:

Title: Imma vamPire
Medium: Crayons on paper, 15 min sketch
What can I say…I have bad eye bags and it looks like blood is running down my chin. But I think I captured the shape of my nose correctly.

I’m trying. =) Until the next ones…..


3 responses

  1. I have to admit, the first one really does look very much like your willing model! I like the second ones colors…but I don’t know if it resembles you or not. I can’t tell! =(

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