Here’s the Story

Last summer I started to feel my body become deconditioned. You know the feeling…a flight of stairs leaves your thighs burning and your breath momentarily shortened. (It used to take five flights to do that before.) And then I noticed that I couldn’t carry groceries like I used to. (When I lived on my own I could balance four bags and a box in the middle to complete a 60 lb Costco run with only the one trip from my car. Granted since dating/marrying Skywalker, I have hardly had to carry anything…which is nice! But I could barely carry lift my legs when carrying only one bag in each hand!) And then I was finding myself regularly out of breath; so much so I couldn’t sing in Sunday worship. (What’s going on?) The topper was waking up one morning to a resting heart rate of 96 bpm. (My normal is in the high 60’s.) Like, okay, I know I’m out of shape…but this is getting ridiculous.

Especially how my legs would shake from just holding the gas pedal down when driving.

Thankfully, my Hubby and other family members are health professionals and they all said to visit a Doctor. Not having a family doctor in YEG meant I had to go to a walk in clinic. And the doctor there…wow. He told me that a normal heart rate was between 60-100 bpm so I was normal. I insisted that 96 bpm was way higher than MY normal and asked for an ECG and a thyroid test (per counsel of my BIL). The doctor complied and I went off with my requisition.

Meanwhile, my resting heart rate climbed to 130 bpm over the next week. And I found myself eating more than my Hubby. (Which is actually kinda nice because I was also losing weight at the same time.) I was called back to the clinic as my blood tests indicated something was wrong. Another Dr at the clinic referred me to an endocrinologist and ensured me that the chances of cancer were very low. That’s good news, I said, but now can you write me something to bring my heart rate back down? Clued in, the Dr confirmed that a sustained high heart rate like mine was probably not good (you don’t say!) and wrote me a prescription for some beta blockers. Time to find me a family doctor! (And thankfully, God provided.)

Then just before Christmas, I saw the endocrinologist who diagnosed me with Graves Disease….
…an autoimmune condition of the thyroid where my antibodies think my thyroid is foreign and attacks it, which then over stimulates it. It caused all the symptoms I was experiencing…and, the endocrinologist cautioned, it maybe causing my eyes to bulge.

I reassured him that I was born this way.
(I grew up being likened to Keroppi the Frog by my family.)


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