Then What?

Continued from “Here’s the Story“…

I’m not sure what I thought of it all. I guess I was a little surprised there was actually something wrong with my body. But at the same time, I knew that one day, my health could be asked of me. And it still could be again in the future. My comfort was in knowing God has allowed it. And He will turn this into something Good. The more unlikely or impossible it seems for things to turn around, the more opportunity God has to prove the diagnosis or situation wrong, and reveal His glory. Maybe He will let the diagnosis stand and what will heal instead might be something within me (an attitude or perspective). I could rest in that.

The endocrinologists have told me that my only option was to deactivate the thyroid permanently. And while many have chosen this path and have had no issues with it, I feel in my being that I should fight this “only option” available to me.

This was a wake up call that I can’t take my health and time for granted. That there are consequences (good and bad) adding up with every decision made about what I eat and drink, and what I do with my time. Sleep is important. Rest is important. Healthy relationships is important. A heart governed by Grace, Hope, Love, Forgiveness and Joy is important. Fruitfulness, not productivity, in Life is important.

…’Course, the whole diet restriction bit really sucked in the beginning. But it’s opening up a world of healthy alternatives and options for me! At first I felt there was nothing enjoyable that I could eat…but there are actually lots! (To start, Cosmic Cookies! So YUMMY!!) I just have to look past the initial inconvenience of buying all natural, organic and slightly more pricy items. But look at it this way, if I don’t pay a little more for the healthier stuff now, I’ll probably end up shelling out huge bucks later for more drastic and invasive ways of sustaining this frail body. Right?

Meanwhile…since the initial diagnosis…I’ve had one allergic reaction to one of the two available thyroid suppressing meds but things are moving in the right direction. Blood tests are showing that I’ve actually swung past “normal” into the HYPOthyroid realm! The endocrinologist is pleased and has decreased my dose even more, but still says deactivating my thyroid is my best option. According to them, it’s a now or later thing that is inevitable. Just hearing that makes me want to DEFY those words. Or rather, makes me ask God to defy the diagnosis even more. =)

Time will tell.

4 responses

  1. has it been 6 months yet? Do yous till have to keep to your very restrictive diet? how are you feeling nowadays? I”m so glad to hear your medicine is working =)
    and what else have you been up to?!! =)


    • It’ll be 6 mo in June. More posts to come about the diet etc. And not up to much I must say…trying to get enough sleep. THank goodness no kids. =)

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