Pendulum Swinging

Now that I’ve swung into the hypothyroid side of things…what will happen with my crazy diet restrictions?

I’m gonna FREAKIN. PIG. OUT!

Just kidding…that’s probably not wise. I think certainly I can lax a little on the iodized salt intake and enjoy some normal toast once in a while. Maybe get a little daring and eat chips! I’ll see what my Hubby will allow. (He’s been given the diet “Enforcer” role.) Honestly though, I’m not exactly sure except I know I want to keep my body from swinging back and forth between extremes…so the diet restrictions will continue as I figure out how to balance my diet in a way that keeps me healthy. It’s probably plain healthier in the long run to be mindful of how much soy sauce I use in cooking, how much processed sauces/foods I incorporate into meals, and what I snack on anyways.

Since Graves is an autoimmune condition, the strictest controls will be placed around foods that are usually linked to the most common immune or allergic reactions: peanuts, dairy, soy and wheat.

Outside of those items, I think I will start to moderate and just see how my body reacts. I’ve discovered eating dessert in the evenings guarantees I’ll have trouble falling asleep. I haven’t tried anything caffeinated in a while but love my sleep too much to risk it.

Speaking of sleep, while hyperthyroid I had problems falling asleep and staying asleep because it was like my brain was on adrenaline the whole day (and night). So I was tired through the day. Now being hyperthyroid, I go out like a light…except I’m just plain groggy and tired through the day. Can’t win.



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