From Scratch

We saw on the Food Network once, someone who made pasta from scratch…and amazingly noted they only used three ingredients! Wow! That seems so easy…we have to try it!

So we did that today. =)

Two cups of flour (we had leftover spelt flour so mixed it with all-purpose flour), three eggs, pinch of salt. Stir together slowly then start to knead with your hand.


Knead for about 10 min to get it elasticky. (We skipped the part where you wrap it and let the dough rest in the fridge for 20min.)


Roll it through the pasta roller…from setting 1 to 7. Sprinkle flour between rollings to keep dough from sticking. Cut to manageable lengths if it’s getting too long.


Fold the well-floured sheets into eighths and then cut into 1cm strips with a sharp knife.


Loosen the cut pasta and toss with more flour to prevent sticking. (We also skipped the part where you hang the pasta to dry before storing or cooking.)


Cook in salted and oiled boiling water for 1-2 min max. Drain.


Then toss in your pasta sauce and enjoy! (The whole process took an hour to make it on our plates.)


I tossed it in sliced button mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and shredded leftover rack of lamb. Am missing fresh greens like basil and arugula. Pretty tasty anyways. =)

There are so many variations using different flours, number of eggs, yolks only versions, different herbs to season with, and different purees to add for color and flavor. We’re totally going to try this again!


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