I just received my latest blood results….and I’m NORMAL!! (Almost)

TSH = 0.26   (normal is 0.2-4.0)

T3 = 5.7        (normal is 3.5-6.5)

T4 = 16.6      (normal is 9-23)

After a month of being off the medication I’m feeling pretty good. It’s nice to have strength and energy back in the body. It’s also nice to lax a bit on the food restrictions. Though the last week or so I’ve been ingesting way too much pasta (wheat product)…and cheese (cows milk). I can feel the discomfort/bloating in my stomach so I know I need to be a little more disciplined. There are currently three heads of broccoli in the fridge waiting for me to eat.

There was a fantastic Groupon deal back in January where I get 30 workout classes at various gyms/studios for $20! So ever since coming off the atenolol (heart medication) in February, I’ve been attending two classes a week. So far I’ve been doing yoga, zumba, pilates and “athletic training”. Love the first three, not liking the athletic training…ha ha…I’ve got some serious strengthening and cardio building to do. =P

The current concern, and why I’m only “almost” normal, is around the Graves eye disease (ophthalmopathy)…which once triggered by Graves, could proceed independently of my thyroid condition. Though usually, it should stop once the thyroid is neutral. I wake every morning seeing double for a few minutes and I can sense the muscles behind my right eyeball is weaker and gets fatigued easily. It’s probably doesn’t help that I work in front of a computer for 9 hrs a day. I do try to do eye exercises that are supposed to tighten the muscles behind my eyes…but I get motion sick from it. I know. Weak sauce.  Anyways…that is my one prayer request…for complete healing and restoration of my eyes. Otherwise I’ve been feeling really well! Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!

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