Oh Alex

While on the Nile cruise in Egypt, we had an opportunity to view the Luxor Temple at night. A beautiful sight! The pictures doesn’t do any justice in capturing the grandeur and scale of the ruins. Temples are built by Pharohs on predetermined sacred sites as guided by the priests. They all want to contribute to a great temple because it gives them more “points” towards gaining eternal life. So one might start with the temple itself. The next Pharoh will build a nice courtyard around it. Another will add some obelisks. Or impressive statues. Extra wall engravings depicting their conquests and devotion to god.

And then there’s Alexander the Great. The Greeks have conquored Egypt and Alex (can I call you Alex?)wanted to exert his power over the people. To do that, he must communicate that he is divine…and divinely appointed to be their leader. So, in the inner most room of the Luxor Temple, in the Holy of Holies, he adds an extra room with walls that declare how he came to be divine.

We have Alex (center left) offering out a perfume gift to the god Horus. (And as a side note, they never offer food because why would a god need food? They would offer perfume made from lotus lilies as a sign of devotion and adoration. Think of Mary who poured perfume on Jesus’ feet.) Do you notice that Horus is rather pleased with this offering…in fact, so pleased that he has a huge erection. And coming out of his member is the divine “life seed”. What’s interesting is that they ancient hieroglyphic symbol for “life seed” actually looks like sperm. You see the head and the squiggly tail. Like how did they know?? Oh the mysteries of Egypt….!

Back to Alex…what he does next is to distract Horus with another offering…while sneaking a little container down below to collect this “life seed”. Now he can claim he’s received the divine life seed from Horus. Making him divine too.

Oh Alex.


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