Mt Moses at Sinai

I don’t have many words for this experience…it was fun, a physical challenge, beautiful to behold, amazing to wonder at…and a little sublime.

Some background…Mount Sinai refers to a range of mountains in the Sinai peninsula…but Mount Moses, or the Holy Mountain, refers to the one Moses climbed and received the 10 Commandments on. We made about three quarters of the assent on camel back. SUPER FUN. These long legged creatures sway and march to their own beat until its keeper whistles/clicks or swats it with his stick. They have big sleepy eyes and a fuzzy head you’d love to pat until it reveals its very strong teeth. They can go for about 10 days without food or water.

Upon reaching the 7th and final teahouse along the path, we dismount and take the next 750 steps on foot. This stone stairway was built by the monks…and walking it is quite the workout. Red faced, heart pounding, gasping for air and leg muscles straining….I make it…and feast my eyes on this:

All around. It’s beautiful.

I look down and I can see the plain that the Israelites probably camped at. The Bible records some 600,000 men that came out of Egypt…but if you include the women and children, you’re now looking at nearly 2 million people. Plus flocks and herds. Moses had an enormous undertaking, leading and feeding this flock. I wonder what he thought of them. I wonder what he saw when he looked from this peak. I wonder what he felt when God wrote His commandments onto the rock of this mountain (that he climbed at the age of 80+ …on foot.)

I wonder.


2 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing about your trip and posting those fantastic pictures! Definitely my dream to make a pilgrimage there one day =). (PS. it’s Angela).

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