My left hand felt strangely light.

Naked….it seems.
I looked down….and SHOCK!

My engagement ring and wedding band was not encircled around and weighing down my left ring finger!!

Has this ever happened to anyone else?
The rings were found within an hour to my immense relief. I was dehydrated or something and my finger had gotten very skinny so they slipped off without notice. My Dad then suggested that I should wear the wedding band over the engagement ring. Yes, I know tradition says the engagement ring should “shield” the promises symbolized by the wedding band, which is placed closest to the heart…but my Dad’s a practical person:

Wear the cheaper ring on the top so if it falls off it’s the couple hundred dollars one as opposed to the couple thousand dollars one.

Ha ha…smart idea! So that’s why I wear my band on top.
In case you were wondering.

PS – Skywalker suggested that I keep the ring in a safety deposit box so that 1) I don’t have to worry about losing it and 2) we can save on having to pay insurance for it. Even more practical! But I think I’ll wear it for a little while longer…..  =)
PPS – I think I’ll buy a fake c.z. one to wear with my wedding band…I DO like the sparkle…. 😉


2 responses

  1. Why not get it resized and wear it? An engagement ring (as is the wedding band) is special and should be worn and enjoyed, no matter what the price. Better than being stored in a safety deposit box…where moth and rust destroy. IMHO. 🙂

    • haha…b/c these skinny days aren’t forever before I probably have to resize them bigger…and, gold shouldn’t rust! Right?? 😀

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