Yesterday was International Celebration day at church. Forty-four countries are represented in our congregation. We were prayed over in Swahili and in Japanese. We sang a Nigerian praise chorus. Was challenged with a message that in Christ, there is no “us vs them” because all are equal. And then we ate….so many types of foods! So good.

We were also encouraged to wear a cultural dress from our birth country…being born in Canada means there isn’t a cultural dress…so I went with my Chinese heritage and wore my Chinese wedding dress. image

Glad to still fit it! =D

Some background to the dress…although it is in the bride-red color…it’s not a “true” wedding dress because it lacks the dragon-phoenix embroidery. The dragon-phoenix pairing symbolizes male and female, yin and yang, etc. I purposely bought it that way so that I’d be able to wear it at other occasions….like Chinese New Year celebrations…or going to the Opera. Or, the International Celebration day at church. (Too bad I can’t say the same of my white wedding gown.)

Glad to get some mileage out of this one!
(Hope I’ll still fit it at the next occasion.)

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