You may have seen this article trending around various social media venues: Spanking may be linked to later mental disorders

Say what??

The article also seems to blur “discipline” and “abuse”. I agree that physical abuse might be linked to mental disorders…or at least a psychological scarring that bears some impact on an individual’s social and emotional development. Abuse is NEVER excusable. But discipline is necessary. (Else I think you’d end up with teenage rage episodes…blog post on this later. Or as one commenter said, the people who do these studies probably have the children who run around screaming in restaurants or throw tantrums in grocery aisles.)

I’m not saying that all discipline should be physical punishment like spanking. There are many tips and techniques to use that are very effective for behavioral correction. Time outs, privilege withholding, positive/negative reinforcements, etc should definitely be used before resorting to spanking but I don’t think it should be ruled out. Some kids quickly learn to respond to time outs, or even just a stern look from the parent…but other kids, myself included, need a controlled spank now and then to get back in line. After that I would never commit that wrong again.

Thinking back to the…oh…six times that I recall being spanked I know my parents were very controlled about it. They were never in a flying rage. They told me ahead of time how many spanks it will be and why I was getting punished. Usually I already knew exactly why. And spanking was only used between the age of 5-12 (too young before 5 and old enough to use reasoning after 12). I definitely saw it as deserved discipline, not abuse. And I totally respect my parents more for following through with it.

I turned out okay too.


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  1. Agreed!!! Man alive. I hate how it seems society seems to think spanking is automatically abuse. It isn’t. Gees. I was spanked. Frankly, a few spoiled brats could use a good spank.

    And your right. There is a very big fat obvious line between a spank and abuse. Those that don’t know where the line is…shouldn’t use physical punishment. Period.

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