At a wedding in Vancouver this past weekend, the officiating pastor said something that really resonnated with me….and I paraphrase:

In marriage, something mystical and mysterious happens…it is God who joins the two to become one and you need to submit to that process.

Okay it was WAY more eloquent spoken by the pastor…anyways…it spoke to me because though we might do the joining of bank accounts, merging of closet space and kitchen items, joining of calendars, etc, there’s yet a deeper level of joining together. One that isn’t physical or tangible…but spiritual.

Too often I believe we fail to realize there is a spiritual joining which is the glue…and that unless this spiritual union is made complete, everything else can easily crumble. I’m not entirely sure what God does to make two into one…but I think submitting to that process involves things like practicing grace, extending forgiveness, being humble, patient and compassionate, swallowing pride, denying self-centeredness, self-entitlement and self-preservation. And I think it takes courage, bravery…and vulnerability. Ultimately, it takes trusting and obeying God.

It’s hard to submit.

But do I want this one-ness or not?

I Do.


All of God’s best to Myshkin & Wren as they start and navigate this Journey together!!

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