Part of my Graves Disease diet is to eat more cruciferous vegetables which includes broccoli, kale, cabbage, swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, rutabaga and turnips. These contain natural thyroid suppressing elements so for the hyperthyroid people like myself, I need to consume copious amounts! (And for the hypothyroid people, don’t exclude these healthy veggies from your diet, just make sure you eat more iodine-rich foods, like seaweed, as well.)

I’ve never cooked cabbage in my life. First, whenever I ate it as a kid, it gave me gas and/or stomachaches. And second, it never tasted very good. It’s ironic that now I have to eat as much of these kinds of veggies as I can. As a lover of all good food, it became my challenge to find yummy ways to prepare/cook these veggies.

Last night, I tackled cabbage…red cabbage…a made a delicious summer slaw. I’m not one to follow recipe measurements or instructions to the T so after reading several slaw recipes, this is what I put into mine:

Half a red cabbage, some fennel, one shallot, handful of raisins and cilantro.
For the dressing: mayo, honey Dijon mustard, sugar, salt, pepper, lime juice and some vinegar.


Delish! It was cool and crunchy. Sweet and tart notes from the dressing and raisins. Some zing from the shallot. Freshness from the cilantro and fennel. I ate two bowls worth.

I also made pan-fried Korean shortribs (our BBQ is not in commission sadly). Marinated with: soy sauce, rice wine, brown sugar, garlic, lime juice and pepper (I didn’t have kiwi or pears in the house else that totally makes the marinade)

The linguine pasta was tossed in the shortrib drippings after pan-frying them. Can’t waste the marinade and beef grease!!


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  1. Looks great! One thing I’ve been having for lunch 2-3 times a week lately is a broccoli spinach salad. It’s not anything fancy, but it has great texture and nutrition. I mix shredded cabbage and broccoli (they usually come pre-shredded in a bag) with baby spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, shaved carrots, cranberries, nuts (cashew works great), and whatever other veggies I have on hand (diced cucumbers, peppers, avocado?), and a lean protein like chicken breast. Then I toss with a homemade flax & poppyseed dressing (or any other sweet dressing) to finish. The heaviness of the broccoli and cabbage makes the salad quite filling too, which helps to fill that void in my asian stomach that likes to call out for heavy starches.

    • Yum! I will have to try that as well! For broccoli I’ve been doing broccoli quinoa salads. What’s your homemade flax/poppyseed dressing made of?

      • I blanch the broccoli just to get rid of the “raw” taste…but it’s not fully cooked. Add dried cranberries, various seeds, maybe a chopped apple and feta. Cumin, lemon dressing. Yum!

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