So Tasty Together

I’ve started a new blog!! It’s called “So Tasty Together” and it’s just on food…specifically “flavors that taste good together.”

Something I don’t do well is following recipes. I just don’t do recipes…at least not following them to the teaspoon and milliliter. Recipes are more for inspiration than anything…for finding out what tastes good together.

I love experimenting different flavors. This probably sprung out of a childhood where my Dad would make me buttered toast with condensed milk and pork floss. Or where peanut butter sandwiches with pear slices was enjoyed. In my adult years, the challenge turned into how I could turn boring leftovers into something new. And all with mostly common ingredients (really, anything that I can find in my kitchen on any given day). Hopefully this will inspire anyone to whip together something new in their kitchen that isn’t same old same old.  Suggestions are always welcome!

So, that’s what you can find out there: What Tasty Together (and what isn’t).

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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