Green Grass

The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side.
This is because you’re looking sideways into the other side and seeing the green leafy blades of grass, whereas you look straight down into your turf and see more dirt than grass. Yes that’s kind of technical (I’m geeky like that) but it’s true.

We know about the dirt in our yards and while we can’t see it in someone else’s yard, making it easy to be envious of their situation, we can know that there’s dirt there too. It applies to everything:

    • Single vs Married
    • Spouse vs __<insert name>__
    • Renting vs Buying
    • This location vs That location
    • My car vs Your car

I’m not against improving a situation or getting something better for yourself and your family. But I think we jump too easily into what seems better only to find out there’s just as much dirt there as in your previous yard. Especially with relationships. I think of another quote you’ve probably heard before:

Things are meant to be used;
People are meant to be cherished.
But instead, we use people and cherish things.

That could help in figuring out what’s truly “greener” for you to make the upgrade in (but beware of materialism in keeping up with the Jones’) compared to what to keep.  Keep in mind that Things almost always just depreciates and rust.

Relationships, on the other hand, when cherished, nourished and well tended to, does become greener. (My only caution is that you’re not nourishing a weed…it’ll ruin your garden.) If you’re not in a relationship, pining to be in one isn’t going to help you. Get active, take classes, do the things you love…and in the process, meet someone who loves the same things. Singleness doesn’t have to suck.

I think at the end of the day, view what God has provided before you as a gift. Good things, good people. (If it’s not a good thing or person then it’s probably not from God…and more later on how God uses painful situations for our Good.) Desire what you already have. Enjoy it/them and be thankful. Nourish and tend to your own garden…and it will be greener on your side.


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