It was time for the monthly blood work…I know the drill. The nurse yesterday however…gaaahh! I have small veins and told her the last time I was in, a baby needle was used on me. Feeling my veins as I clenched my fist, she agreed that I have small veins and proceeded to get said baby needle.

Alcohol wipe. Swab dry. Poke!
But nothing came up.

So she slid needle out almost all the way…then pushed in again in a slightly different direction.

Still nothing.

So back out, 30 degree turn, back in. Nothing.
Back out, 67 degree turn in opposite direction. Nothing.
Back out, 28 degree turn in first direction with a slightly bent arm. Nothing.
Back out, 71 degree turn in opposite direction with a straightened arm. Still nothing.

Back and forth she needled me.
For a solid minute.

Finally, dark red blood showed up in the hose. In went the vacuum vial and another 30 seconds later, out went the entire needle kit. She tells me that I need to drink a lot of water before coming. Well I drank as much as last time and it was fine. My elbow joint is probably like swiss cheese inside now but thanks for the tip.

Not to racial profile…but profiling anyways I guess…in the ten times I’ve had my blood drawn these last nine months, the asian nurses are the best. Hits the vein the first time, every time. I think it’s because they also have small veins and know how to find them. Just sayin’.

Anyways…now waiting for the results!
Please let it be normal…or even low!

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