I don’t normally follow soccer…maybe some highlights of the World Cup at most…but definitely not women’s soccer. Yesterday’s Olympic game was a grudgematch between Canada and the USA…that I had to watch.

It was thrilling to see Christine Sinclair’s hat-trick…what an incredible player. And just how the team played well. I don’t know enough about the game to comment on specifics, but I could see they were working hard. The goals they set up were beautiful. (Wish I had that kind of accuracy directing objects flying at my head.) They were leading the way to a great underdog victory.

Though I don’t know very much about the technical specifics, I do know a couple things like when a ball crosses the line, it’s “out”, or how arms/hands cannot touch the ball…and how the referee’s call calls directly benefitted the US team in ways that made no sense, even to an unsporty observer like me. This article is a little more thorough in the technical aspects: Referee’s calls beyond comprehension. The ref may have had years of experience, but it still looks like she decided who should win before the game was played.

I was stunned. Shocked. Angry. Heartbroken….for Christine Sinclair and her team.
They. Were. Robbed.
The better team did not win that day.

But I am SUPER PROUD of them.
And proud that they represent Canada.


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