Give These Up

I was reading through some old posts from an old blog I used to write in…it’s interesting to see what I thought/felt/experienced captured through time in words. Some posts were a little embarassing…others, I was pretty impressed that I was that eloquent. ha ha. And then I came across a very good reminder for myself….it’s these four things we need to learn to give up:

  1. Seeking AFFIRMATION from others. Not that affirmation is bad or that you need to be difficult to prevent people from affirming you. Seeking affirmation from others (read: pleasing people) will eventually lead you to a place where you’re not pleasing God. Seeking first to please God will result in all other human relationships to be where it is right and good…not necessarily pleasant, but right and good.
  2. Striving for SECURITY in things or people. Things and people will malfunction, crash, decay, betray and fail. The only investment that will retain its value eternally is a spiritual investment into a genuine relationship with God. If you are eternally secure in God, then no crash or failure of earthly things/beings will bring you down with it.
  3. Trying to take CONTROL over yourself and others (not to be confused with having self control, which is a good thing). The only control you truly have is over the next decision you make….and even then, some of those decisions are only possible by the grace of God. He is the one in sovereign control over all things in all time.
  4. Attempting to CHANGE others….heck, even yourself sometimes. You can’t will yourself to be changed overnight…and you certainly can’t force someone else to change. Good change happens when you surrender yourself for God to change you. He brings about an inner character transformation as opposed to a mere behavioral conformation. As for others you’d like to change….a change in your own attitude or perception of them is often the best way to go. God’s working in both of you so let it happen, in His time and way. That’s what grace is for until that work is done.

Yup, will probably need to re-discover this list in another year or so….thank you to myself for posting.


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