Steady On

July results….normal!

TSH = 3.91   (normal is 0.2-4.0)

T3    = 3.8    (normal is 3.5-6.5)

T4    = 12.0    (normal is 9-23)

The TSH seems to be nearing borderline hypothyroid…which would actually be good news as then maybe I can come off my meds again.

During a recent camping trip, Skywalker told me as we sat at the edge of Goldeye Lake that he admired my willpower to refrain from eating the foods I love for the sake of health. I had just turned down his offer of Cheetos though I was hungrily eyeing it. That comment uplifted me so much. We shared more thoughts about whether or not I’m doing the right thing, trying to restore my body to a balance naturally. He said, “Something you were doing caused your body to attack itself…why wouldn’t you want to find out why so you can change it?” He also shared my condition was also helping him to be more mindful of his diet and life style. (The Cheetos was a treat and not usually found in our home!)

But it’s so true. My body is telling me something’s off balance, something’s wrong…meanwhile the endocrinologist is telling me the only option for “treatment” is to nuke my thyroid permanently disable the source of the symptoms. And then to control the resulting side effects of disabling the thyroid with synthetic hormones. All symptom management….and nothing that actually gets to the source of why my body started attacking itself in the first place.

I want to get to the root…and restore that natural balance. No, it might not be permanent. Yes, it’s harder to control. I can’t eat everything I want in the quantities I want. I can’t live the way I used to. I can’t take my health for granted…and I’m glad this disease has woken me up to that. Because sooner or later, we ALL have to reap the health consequences of what we’ve sown.

Thanks Hun for the continuous support and belief in me! Love you!


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