Bedroom Wars?

Before I got married, I had heard various stories from my married friends about how hard it was getting used to sharing a bed with their respective wife/husband. Interesting terms were used to describe the sleeping situation where someone was a:

  • flipper flopper
  • blanket hog
  • starfish
  • toilet paper roller
  • icicle/radiator
  • lawn mower
  • vivid/active dreamer
  • acrobat

Any of those describe your spouse? Our friends advised that getting a king size bed and/or two blankets will save the marriage. A good night’s rest is THAT important to a good marriage.

Thankfully, neither of us move much when falling asleep or when asleep. We fall asleep on our backs with an occasional turn to the left or right through the night. A queen bed fits us perfectly. The only applicable descriptor was the icicle/radiator one…which depending on the season, describes me. Yes both the icicle and radiator. This usually means I might need more or less blanket than Skywalker…so I’m seeing the wisdom in maybe needing two blankets afterall.

Especially when it can look this good!

(Images from

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