Too Cool for Comfort

We came to a sad realization early this morning. Two windows were cracked open for the comfort of the cool night air but somewhere in the vicinity of 4:00am I awoke to the chilly draft of cool air entering that space behind my neck. Turning to my side I saw Skywalker in a fetal position with the sheet we use instead of a blanket pulled over his head and tucked all around him in efforts to seal out any such draft like that which crept into my coccoon. So that’s where all the sheet went…good thing I had the extra throw on my side of the bed. Groggily I braved the chilly air and shut one window before grabbing my big bathrobe to lay over Skywalker. Pulling the eye mask back on and re-coccooning myself in the throw, I went back to sleep.

It was just a little too cool to be comfortable,” said Skywalker this morning.

Yes it was….which means it’s time for the blankets to come back out.
Which means Summer is slowly, but surely, coming to a close.
Which, in anticipation of the short days and long nights of Winter, is sad.

On the plus side, we can now cuddle without him telling me it’s too hot.


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