Another year older…

I got a personalized Google doodle today! That’s pretty cool….and a little creepy. But I’ll take it!

So it’s another year…
I squint at the wrinkles threatening to break loose. I sigh over the growing numbers of greys. I poke and pull at the parts that seem to hang lower than I remember. I ponder what I’ve got to show for the time I’ve been given thus far. I try not to compare with those who seem to have gotten more done. But mostly, I praise God for the road He’s given me to run…both valleys and hills. I am rich in His abundant gifts. I am blessed and I am thankful!

Looking ahead…I don’t know what’s around the bend or over the next rise. But my eyes are lifted to the hills and horizon. I know where my Help comes from. He is my Shepherd, I lack nothing. He will not let my foot slip and will watch over my coming and going both now and forevermore. I fear not. My cup overflows. May I be found stronger and more faithful in Christ.

And so, I look forward to it.

3 responses

  1. This post gave me a nice chuckle. No offense. But when I read “I poke and pull at the parts that seem to hang lower than I remember.”…all I could think was: Wait until the babies come along! You get AMAZING boobage for a good 6 months (more if you breastfeed after baby is born)…and when your done BF’ing…they sag. They sag like an 80 year old woman who’s been jumping up and down for years on end.

    Push up bras become your friend. Your very close, dear, sweet friend.

    PS: Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

    • HAHA!! I suppose the good thing is I don’t have much of a rack to begin with so that should hopefully mean less sag. Hopefully.

      Yes had a great birthday! Got spoiled by Skywalker. =D

      • I will be incredibly jealous if you come out of producing a family with very little sag. Heck, I’ll share mine! I have more then enough to spare. More so in the “rack” area then anywhere else. =P

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