Cable is CUT

So as of today, we don’t have cable TV or Internet in the house (well, I have my work Internet but it’s not wireless.) First there was the shock upon waking up to find our phones didn’t have wifi connection anymore. And then as Skywalker, who has a day off today, went downstairs to check on the TV, there was the shock of seeing a black screen where there used to be Food Network, HGTV, Sports Network, TSN and other goodies. We knew it was coming…we made the decision last month…but it’s still a shock to the system. It’s really too bad we can’t even get the three peasantville TV stations like in the years of old analog TV and rabbit ear antenna’s.

“We’re going to have a lot of time on our hands…what will we do??” asked Skywalker.

Well….all summerall year…since we got married, we’ve talked about how we’d like to take walks every evening for some exercise. We talked about learning to play guitar together. There were suggestions of having reading nights where we stay in and just read together. And then those little home reno projects we’ve been meaning to do. We’ve done a couple of those items on occasion…but now we can do that more regularly! Yay!!!

For the two years I lived in Vancouver, I actually never owned a TV. I purposely ignored all the cable/ADLS deals that came through the mail. I knew that once I had it, the TV would suck me into more of a sedentary life than I was already living as an analyst sitting in front of my computer 9 hrs a day. Not having TV meant I went out more and read more. Healthier for me and my mind. And so…which it was nice to watch all the amazing food shows and so on…I’m actually kind of glad our cable is cut.

A media detox.

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  1. Good for you! I’m sure after you won’t even miss it– after you get over any initial withdrawal symptoms.
    HB did a 3-month media fast earlier this year (no TV, magazines, internet, movies, phone games/surfing etc.). The first few weeks were pretty funny cuz a couple times I’d catch him sitting on the couch staring at a blank TV/computer screen out of habit, or he’d do weird things out of boredom to annoy me like blow into my hair or poke my arm incessantly while I was typing an email (he’s not usually childish like that). But once he figured out how to fill his time, it was great. He got started on some learning goals, revisited some meaningful hobbies, and did little home improvement projects around the house. End of the day, he just felt better about how he spent his day.
    Wish I could say we kept things up after the fast was over, but I think we’ve slowly slipped back into the time wasting routine, although, I’d like to think on a reduced scale ;o)

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