August results….mixed.

TSH = 9.58   (normal is 0.2-4.0)

T3    = 4.2    (normal is 3.5-6.5)

T4    = 12.8    (normal is 9-23)

Well, TSH is now higher than normal indicating a slip into hypothyroid territory. This explains the lethargy…but I sleep more so that’s good. However T3/T4’s are still in normal ranges….so I think I’m technically still “normal”?

I have an apointment with the endocrinologist tomorrow…will see what he says. Actually, I know he’ll ask if I now want to do the RAI “treatment” and this time I will say I don’t want it. Unless my life is in danger, I don’t want it. Healing is coming, and I’m waiting for it.


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