Oh so fresh


We finally hit up the St Albert Farmers’ Market on the weekend. Such a great little place to walk through and I LOVE the fresh produce. Pictured above was our haul back home. We immediately polished off the heirloom type tomatoes…super sweet and juicy in a way only vine-ripened tomatoes can get. Carrots were super sweet and crunchy too. Makes me wish we had a bigger back yard so we can grow them ourselves. Just can’t beat the taste!

There’s the whole debate going on right now whether organic is actually better or not. Generally speaking, organic produce has less harmful pesticides used on it…which directly equates to less chemicals being consumed by us. I do believe nutritionally there may be the same calories and vitamins in produce regardless of it being organic or conventional. However, I think there’s something to be said about food picked and eaten straight from the garden compared to food that was picked several months ago, sprayed with a preserving agent so it can be shipped, then sprayed with a ripening agent so that it’ll develop color for the grocery market. Science just haven’t discovered that “life nutrient” component in naturally ripened produce to qualitatively say it’s better….but I bet it will one day.

Based on what’s available and it’s price, this is the order that I prefer when buying fresh produce:

  1. Naturally ripened, organically grown
  2. Artificially ripened, organically grown/Naturally ripened, conventionally grown
  3. Artificially ripened, conventionally grown

So far I’ve made Salmon & Swiss Chard Quiche . In the plans are some sweet picked beets and kale chips as well. =) Can’t wait.


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  1. I could’ve sworn I already posted this comment…

    I try to buy organic where available/affordable too. I used to think it was a hippie-vegan health-nut obsession thing, but there is definitely something different about our food composition today that is just not natural (and likely harmful rather than helpful to our bodies in the longterm).
    A friend shared with me a list of 12 foods you should always try to buy organic because they are know for having high quantities of pesticides/chemicals: http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary/
    It’s those fruits and veggies with really porous skin (eg. berries and celery) to watch out for as they absorb toxins so readily, and in some cases, no amount of washing can even remove these chemicals.

    • I’ve got the “Dirty Dozen” app on my phone with said 12 items….it also lists 15 Healthy items that have the least pesticides…usually root and thick/skinned items. Great step for at least reducing the amount of chemicals in your system. =)

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