9/11 : 11 years ago

I had just been dropped off at the Commerce building for an 8:30am Marketing course. Walking towards the classroom, I see a number of students and professors staring up at the screens of the stock ticker in the building’s atrium. Intrigued, I too stop to stare up at the screens. Smoke was billowing out from the windows where the planes have just crashed into the World Trade Centre. Replays of the crashes looped. “Is this a movie? No it’s not. What’s happening? I don’t understand. Omigosh.” I could hear the disbelief on the reporters’ voices as well as see it in everyone’s eyes. Class started and we observed several minutes of silence. I prayed desparate prayers for the victims. I recited Psalm 23 in my mind. I asked God that somehow, would He make something good come from this. I don’t remember if we watched the towers crumble in horror together or if that was in later footage. But I will never forget those first moments.

Do you remember where you were when you heard?

One response

  1. I was in High School, grade 11. I had just arrived to the school and classes didn’t seem to be in session. Weird I thought. TV’s were set up in the hallways and that confused me. Then I watched the footage. I didn’t immediately understand the significance. Once it hit me, I was shocked. SHOCKED.

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