Authentic Malay Food


My brother-in-law (BIL) and wife took us to Penang Delight (Rupert and 22nd Ave, Vancouver) over the weekend. She’s Malaysian and has found this place to have the most authentic tasting/looking dishes…super yummy Malaysian cuisine….just like home. Of course we were super excited to try “real” Malay food since the closest thing you can get to the real deal in Alberta comes from Tropika.

We ordered the dishes that were the most authentic tasting. The food came fast. It was rich in flavor. With enough heat and spice to make my nose run but with my tongue still able to taste all the goodness.

Apologies I didn’t think to take a picture until we had already dug in. And apologies for not noting down the dish names. From bottom left to top right: Some kind of house special fried noodle, a hot and sour sardine laksa, chicken laksa, wonton noodle in black soy sauce with wontons on the side, penang wrapped chicken wings and prawn dumplings (which are prawns with meat filling) and another kind of fried noodle. Our dessert was crepes filled with coconut shavings soaked in cane syrup.

And a random question…is there a “title” for my BIL’s wife? Not sure she’s my SIL…? In Cantonese there is a different title for every member of your family so you know immediately who is related to whom and in what way….but in English, it’s kind of fuzzy. So if anyone knows, please advise. Thanks! =)


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