Wife Fail

This one time…in the first few months of marriage, I woke up a little earlier to put together a nice sandwich for Skywalker’s lunch. Practicing the different love languages. We had some whole grain buns, Havarti cheese, fresh leafy greens and some nice slices of ham and roast beef.

Under the light of stove hood fan, I slathered the mayo on, followed by some honey dijon. Rolled the meats into finger-sized rolls and stacked them on one side of the bun. Layered on the leafy greens. Topped the hearty sandwich with two slices of cheese for good measure. I know he likes Havarti. Then wrapped it up in plastic wrap and tucked it into his lunch bag along with his breakfast and some snacks. There. Made with love.

At lunch I get an email from Skywalker saying, “Thanks for making my lunch Hun…” (I’m feeling pleased that he’s enjoyed the sandwich. Gosh, I might do this for him everyday!) “…but can you check on the bread because I think it’s moldy. I just ate 3/4 of my sandwich before figuring out it tasted funny. And there’s little fuzzy black/blue splotches everywhere. ”


Well…he didn’t get sick thankfully. I’ve since made up for this with other redeeming sandwiches/ribs/steak/wings/quiche lunches. All made with love.


4 responses

  1. oh we’ve all done that. Wait until the kids come around. You put them in the car seat, put the car seat in the car and go on your errand. You arrive at your destination to find out that you never buckled said child into the car seat! #parentfail

    Besides, I’m sure skywalker could use with a little mold. keep’em healthy for a while! =P

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