What do PMS cramps feel like?

Good question Skywalker. I appreciate you asking! Hmm, how do I find the words?

You know that weak in the knees feeling when you’re having bouts of diarrhea? Add to that a 24-hour charlie-horse inside your uterus. Or maybe imagine twisting your testes 360 degrees and clamping it in place for 24 hours. With the weak-knee diarrhea feeling. And maybe cold sweats.

It’s like that.


6 responses

  1. On the plus side: menstrual cramps are easy compared to labor…so your getting in some good practice!

    Pro Tip: MILK IT! Lay on the bed, hot water bottle on the uterus…and be “sick”. Have Skywalker serve you hand and foot! =) Thats what I would do if I had cramps.

  2. I have explained this to my significant other numerous times and while the mouth says, “Oh, that sucks,” the look is always of pure skepticism. They will never understanding. NEVER.

    • One day, maybe he’ll have to pass a kidney stone…then he’ll have a better understanding of cramps as well as child birth. =) Or give him a charlie horse in the nether-regions…. 😉

      • somehow, I think Jella’s hit the nail on the head. Men just will NEVER understand.
        I was blessed that I really don’t suffer from cramps a lot (when I’m not pregnant). After Chris watched me in labor (without having pain meds), then finally giving birth. He NEVER questions my pain complaints involving my uterus anymore.

  3. Great post. Got my pure for the first time in a long time on my birthday (no more BF means I menstruate). Was in pain, thank God for ibuprofen. Gotta say though, labour pains were way worse so I have a more positive view on cramps now. Hahaha, labour is basically cramps times 5600 but they get exponentially worse each time and come more frequently. I blame it on Eve. 🙂

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