ReBlog: Be MORE

This is a post from my dear friend @texan_77 aka Dahn’s blog. She had some great insights and challenges that I think we need to confront in our own lives every now and then. Enjoy!

My Christian friends and I were talking about life yesterday. How we are older, single, divorced, whatever. And there were 3 out of the 4 of us in the car that had been divorced and lived a life of…”the fallen.” 2 of the girls claimed that they are ok with having sex before marriage. That they need to test drive the car before they buy it.

And I? Let’s not be pot calling the kettle black. I have been down my own roads to perdition in this life. Sin is sin. Me being glutenous and eating too much and drinking more than I should…that’s sin. And there are consequences…can’t fit into clothes, bloated, in pain, etc. If you have pride or lie or steal or are jealous of someone…it’s sin. Sex outside marriage is sin. Murder is sin. Doing anything that the Bible claims is wrong is sin.

It has NOTHING to do with how you feel about it. It has NOTHING to do with what you think about it. It doesn’t matter that we have been divorced. It doesn’t matter that we feel like we have already screwed up, literally, and we are somehow worth a little less and that it really doesn’t matter. It DOES matter. It ALWAYS matters. And forget the past…it’s done. You did what you did. I did what I did…but today is a brand new day, and God says, PRESS ON and live the life I have CALLED you to live! It’s never too late to be who and what God intended!!! NEVER TOO LATE.

I challenge people, as one who has not had a perfect life, that it still matters. That God’s law still matters. God’s calling for me is no different from the bubble perfect Christian. We are called to obedience. To be honest, I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than live any more down any of the paths I have wandered. I probably have tried all of them and failed miserably. And you know what? God doesn’t let me get away with it anyway. My heart is probably busted for as long I am on this side of heaven as consequences for my “indiscretions”. I honestly don’t think I can physically live through another one…… I see some of my friends that get to go down those paths, and sometimes it makes me angry because I want to be happy and live my life too. But I can’t….because even when I try, God doesn’t let me get far. And now I understand why.

I had to fall to understand, but now I am called to try to help others to see that you are still called to the same life you were called to before. God’s standards have not changed. God does not say, “Hey, you already screwed up. So it’s ok if you want to ignore Me.” “Hey…you don’t feel like being obedient to me today. That’s fine. I am ok with that.” God may not play the role of mighty Smite the Little Earthling. God may even allow a full life of happiness in spite of sin. But at the end of the day, you still answer.

For me, today, I don’t have to answer to that particular issue, but today I will have to answer to drinking too much or eating too much, or swearing too much, having a bad attitude, not trusting God, etc. And the past…..Oh dear God….but it’s about my decisions TODAY and going forward.

I believe God has called us to more. MORE. Challenged us to live harder lives. It IS harder to be good after you have fallen. Much harder. But God’s yeses and nos aren’t any different from they were before I fell. They won’t be any different should I fall on my face again. He is timeless. His commands are timeless. Everything about our God is summed in this: Unchanging.

For today, I have chosen to reach for more. Aspire for more. I challenge you…..reach to be who God wants you to be. Not because you feel like it. But because you trust Him enough to say it’s the best because it’s His way. Because you FEAR Him. Love Him.

Watch my challenge come now as I have posted this……

If we can’t be strong in this…..what are we strong in? If we can’t stand firm in His word….what are we living for????


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