New Beginnings

There’s something exciting about starting life in a new city. In our case, it’s a city I’ve lived in for a couple years in the past…but a new city for Skywalker. Yes we’re both excited. And yes we’re both a little nervous. Nervous because it’s not as familiar as home. Nervous because we’ll need to rebuild a social community. I may have lived there and had my network, but this time we’re here as a couple. We have to build OUR network.

This past weekend was Moving Part 1…just to bring down some non-essentials. It’s an interesting exercise to see what we consider essential or nonessential. We have so much “stuff” here in North America. We accumulate things easily. There’s so much that is nonessential.

We’re also realizing that our two bedroom condo on the West Coast is definitely smaller than our two bedroom townhouse here in the Prairies. It’s a downsize. There is no storage locker. So we’re going to have to get really creative with storage solutions. It also means we need to purge even more nonessentials. Actually I’m glad we’re going through this because living simply is a huge feat in North America. We always want bigger/better/newer/more.

Living simply is like a burden lifted off and a breath of fresh air. We can enjoy what we have. And we have only have the things that we want. More essentials, less nonessentials.

We’re looking forward to it.
(Along with milder winters, great food, beautiful scenery, etc etc etc.)


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