So Far So Good

September results….

TSH = 5.55   (normal is 0.2-4.0)

T3    = 4.1    (normal is 3.5-6.5)

T4    = 12.2    (normal is 9-23)

Still slightly hypothyroid with the medication…which is good, because now I can try halving my meds once more. I’m down to 12.5mg of PTU twice daily….which is barely anything. Which is good!

I also had the opportunity to see a Chinese doctor who specializes in treating these types of rarer conditions. When he was in China (originally from Shanxi), he would treat (and cure) 20-30 cases of thyroid conditions every DAY. Initially we didn’t mention to him what my condition was…he felt my pulse on both wrists, commented that I haven’t been getting enough good quality sleep of late, asked about my temperment, then told me that it’s related to the thyroid and that I need to avoid eating any/all seafood for the next little while. I also got a prescription for a medicinal tea that is supposed to help me expel heat and re-balance my body.

My inkling so far is that this doctor is pretty legit. He was able to get to the source of the symptoms by himself, and he had the knowledge to advise what dietary changes I needed to make. (A Chinese doctor I had seen previously suggested that I eat more seafood because he misunderstood me and thought I had hypOthyroid even though I had told him my Western medicine diagnosis was Graves hypERthyroidism…which means he really didn’t know what was wrong with me.) I also appreciate that this doctor isn’t making bold guarantees that the tea will be the cure….as some scam doctors might. Chinese medicinal teas gather their healing properties from a variety of herbal ingredients. He advised there are different ingredients that could lead to similar results depending on how each person’s body responds…the trick is in finding what the best combination is. Which takes time.

But the best part is, I now have more treatment options.
I am thankful.

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