Thyroid Visual

Just a visual of how my thyroid’s been doing. Wobbly…but coming into normal ranges I think. The lower the blue line, the more hyperthyroid…and the higher, the more hypothyroid. The solid blocks of color are the normal ranges corresponding to the color of the lines. So as you can see, normal TSH levels is within a very small band to be balanced between. I’m getting there though!

Interestingly, the Chinese doctor I saw believes that I probably had this thyroid condition even in my younger high school days. I probably trended on the slightly hyper side that just didn’t get out of control until a culmination of coinciding stress factors, without proper creative and physical release, pushed my body to finally act out. And because this condition is actually relatively rare, it would’ve never occured to doctors to check for the antibody in my system.

I strongly believe that everything we do to our bodies makes a difference. We might not see it for decades….but it’s adding up. And so, we need to take care of these temporary vessels. Don’t take it for granted!


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