At Odds

(Image not mine)

He’s an Oiler’s fan….I’m a Flames fan.
He doesn’t like my Flames jersey touching his clothes in the closet.
I tell him not to touch his two Oiler jerseys to my clothes then.
And then the trash talking.

This can’t be good for the relationship. What are we to do?

We’ve decided that we won’t go to any Oiler vs Flames games together. And to not trash each other’s teams….well, Skywalker will try not to. I do believe I managed to hang our respective jerseys together at the same end of the closet. And, since we’re moving to Canuck territory, we’ve agreed to cheer for whoever the other team is. So at least we’re united there. And, if the Oilers are playing the Canucks, I might even wear blue….but I will not wear their jersey. Can’t betray my Flames like that. Right?

I asked Skywalker if he’ll wear red if the Flames play the Canucks….he said, “I’ll think about it.” Well…it’s a start.

But whatever…this hockey season isn’t going anywhere fast.

8 responses

  1. I’m OILERS ALL THE WAY!!! Skywalker’s got it right. =)

    You have no idea how funny I found this post. One of those really minor things in a married life thats humorous…but oh so deadly at times!

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