So I continue to realize difference between men and women…nothing horribly new of course, but it’s still somewhat a surprise when I realize it’s happening. And again, this is a broad generalization as I’m sure the reverse situation happens, however based on the shared experiences of various wife-friends, I think there’s a valid observation here.

It’s how guys view time with regards to how long it takes to do something.

We’re down to the last week of packing and cleaning in preparation for our move. I am definitely a little more stressed than Skywalker is about what we’ve got left to do. What I notice is while women immediately think about all the other things that need to get done, as well as contingency plans for all the “what if’s” that might happen, as well as take into consideration moods, motivation and how Murphy’s Law always finds the most inopportune moment to apply itself….it seems men see a task as isolated in its own box. The time it would take to complete is also viewed in its own box. “Cleaning the bathroom – 1 hour; vacuuming – 30 min; mopping – 45 min….easy! We’ve got lots of time.” And so, they take their time.

Certainly I could learn from them in not over complicating simple tasks…but I KNOW life is never lived in isolation of distractions or ever free from varying wrenches that get tossed in my direction. My SIL also shared that even if her husband promises to handle the situation himself, it always impacts her as well. Nothing is EVER in isolation from each other.

The question is, then, how do we balance each other out in this regard? My pushing to get things done earlier stresses him out. Him insisting that we can leave it until later stresses me out. Is there a win-win?

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  1. My advice? Make a list.

    Chris is the EXACT same way and it drives me up the wall and across the ceiling!
    With Chris I have to be super duper crazy blunt. “Can you please do this for me?”. I have to outright ask him.

    For you, I suggest a list of things that need to get done. Prioritize them. Mark off the ones you will do (or want to do). And ask him to commit to doing the other items by a set day/time.
    This way, it will get done…and hopefully more along your timeline. If he suggests a date/time that won’t work you can at least explain why and maybe suggest a different date/time.

    It might help!?

    Just wait for kids. It gets worse. =P

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