Only Just Begun

And here we are….in beautiful (rainy) British Columbia!

I must start out with HUGE THANKS to family for all their incredible help in this moving process. My SIL and her husband helped us clean, pack and load our vehicles. My parents helped drive our stuff to BC, unload and especially my Mom, helped unpack the kitchen. (Which is now chocked full.) We are so so SO grateful to them, so blessed by their love, and will definitely miss them.

As for our “stuff”…I thought we had brought 2/3 of our goods down in the first move last month. Well, we didn’t. Those closets and cupboards hold deceptively WAY MORE than you’d imagine. We had to leave some boxes behind as a result…but it really just revealed to much how much we have. And how much we don’t need. I think we might do another purge at the condo….we probably need to.

So, the drive down on Sunday was better than expected. It started out looking grim as snow was falling the morning of our departure. Highway 16 was slick with a sheen of water ice on the asphalt. But by the time we reached Hinton and Jasper, the ice was gone and there was just rain through to Valemount, BC. And then it was dry roads the rest of the way! Praise God.

By the time we reached our condo and finished unloading…it was pouring rain. Of course. It was also near midnight Pacific time…which is 1am Mountain time. By the time I found my toiletries in the mountain of our belongings, it was 1am Pacific. I was started to feel nauseous and light headed. And cold. And ill. This moving thing has definitely taken its toll…

But we’re here! We’ll take stock of our surroundings…find ways to fit everything into every nook and cranny…oh, and buy food so we can eat. Things have only just begun.


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  1. It is great to hear you arrived safe & sound! I was thinking about you on your moving day praying everything would go well especially considering the weather!

    Enjoy the new scenery and new weather!! Believe me, all your missing is snow. =P

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