First Sales

I confess I haven’t done much art of late….and certainly hardly anything at all since I graduated from university. So I’ll share some of the pieces I produced back then. Maybe it’ll inspire me to pick up the paints again.

This piece is called “Be Still”…based off the verse “Be still and know that I am God” from Psalm 46:10. In the blur of everyday activities, we just see chaos. But in the little moments we take to just be still, beauty comes into focus. Alas, I only got a B+ in this painting because my professor thought the painting was “too beautiful” and didn’t “push outside the box” enough. It didn’t matter though, because an advertising studio in downtown Calgary saw it at an university open house and subsequently bought it from me.

This was painted the same year I believe….notice that I like cala lilies. The project was to juxtapose opposites against each other. I chose micro/macro…so for you biology students out there, you’ll recognize the stomatas in plant epidermal cells behind the flowers. To my delight, this sold at another artist open house. Though I admit, I kind of wanted to keep it for myself. But art is to be shared…so it’s out there somewhere gracing someone’s living room.

I guess people like beautiful paintings Professor.


4 responses

  1. BEAUTIFUL, and you should definitely start painting again! Since you’re probably still unpacking maybe there’s still flexibility to create a little home artspace for yourself =)

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