October results….

TSH = 3.48   (normal is 0.2-4.0)

T3    = 4.3    (normal is 3.5-6.5)

T4    = 14.2    (normal is 9-23)


Though, I’m still on 25mg of PTU, twice a day. I was hoping to be slightly hypothyroid still so that the Dr might tell me to come off the PTU. He still might…but maybe having a little bit of PTU to keep the hormones from bouncing isn’t a bad idea.

As soon as the dust settles, I’m going back to the Chinese doctor to see about rebalancing my body, not just suppressing the offending symptoms. Per his orders, I’m off all seafood still. This is tragic and a little heartbreaking considering I now live on the Coast. *tear* Skywalker has been eating crab and shrimp and scallops on my behalf. He’s also been considerate enough to not go for any salmon sashimi….yet. Sigh.

I suppose it’s good discipline and self-control training.

One response

  1. Good on you for your self-control!
    And once again (b/c I don’t say this enough…) when you get pregnant…the offending item will be alcohol. They get to drink…we don’t. So maybe getting used to the seafood thing is a good plan?!

    A big congratulations too for managing your levels through lifestyle!! You deserve a giant pat on the back for that. =)

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