Highlight in SFO

Skywalker and I recently went on a road trip to San Francisco. More details and pictures to share later but first want to point out one of the highlights of our trip. A little Thai restaurant was recommended to us by a friend and conveniently it was just a five minute walk from our Chinatown hotel so we tried it out. To the delight of our eyes and wallets, we saw this:


I have never ever seen such low prices for beer! The food was also tasty and well priced (though it can’t be compared to the food in Thailand of course) so we definitely recommend you to check this place out if you’re in San Fran.

And in case you’re wondering….we only had one beer each. I know.

2 responses

  1. I visited San Fran a few years ago and I was really surprised how popular (and afforable) thai food is over there compared to here. It’s mostly Thai fusion, but still very nice. We might visit San Fran next Spring. What’s the name of this restaurant?

  2. “King of Thai Noodle”
    It’s cute, inside the restaurant there is a sign that says “We are NOT a sports bar, we just have some TV’s in here.” (Or something like that.) Hope you like it as much as we did. =)

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