I was wrong…THIS was one of the earliest pieces I painted. I’m not even sure what the initial project was all about, but we were to use different textures in putting it together. I remember choosing to do a piece on the piano because that is one of the ways that I express myself. Being an introvert, sometimes I just lack the words for what I want to say…so music provides an outlet.

My creativity pool was still very shallow when I first started painting, hence the obvious grand piano shape. Pianists out there will probably be able to recognize some of the pieces of music I traced out on tissue paper and layered onto the background. I had also wrapped a bunch of guitar wires around the piece in reference to the hardward inside the piano. It also echos the sometimes jarring feelings bound and held together inside before it reaches the keyboard. Feathers were added before the thick glossy varnish dried speaks to the softest touch that will still coax a melody out. And some splotches of red for the moments of passion where the heart connects with the notes pounded out.

It was one of the first paintings where someone wanted to buy the piece from me. But it being my first, I wasn’t ready to part with it. So it sits now, in some dusty corner of my parent’s house. I can’t play piano like I used to anymore….it’s all foggy and dusty and cloaked under the busyness of “grown up” life. But I’m definitely more than ready to let this piece go to whoever connects with it. =)

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