Still Normal!

November results….

TSH = 4.1    (normal is 0.2-4.0)

T3    = (no longer taking this reading)

T4    = 15.5    (normal is 10.5-20.0)

STILL normal!!

My new BC endocrinologist says though this result is “normal” it’s still considered “sub optimal” so she says I can come off my meds!! Woohoo!! Praise God!

Some encouraging news from her was that considering my lack of a goiter and the very low dose of PTU that I’ve been on for the last few months, the prognosis for me to enter remission is looking higher. Still no guarantee. They’ll look for the disease to relapse, usually in the first six months, and if it happens, they’ll strongly push for radioactive iodine (RAI) to be taken because it’ll likely keep coming back. She reiterated that they strongly recommend the RAI treatment because permanently deactivating your thyroid and taking synthetic hormones the rest of your life poses no life-threatening side effects…whereas long term use of PTU poses a <1% risk of liver disease.

While I agree it’d be much easier for the doctors to manage, I’d end up being the one living with permanent lethargy, easy weight gain, dry skin and difficulty concentrating on tasks….not them. So, while my liver is doing well, I’ll take the risk and try to naturally manage. Meanwhile though, the Graves eye disease could progress even though I’m euthyroid. So am praying that my eyes will be healed.

I’m really praying, and asking for prayer, that I will not relapse.

Thank you friends for the prayers and support!


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