Trader Joe’s

Recently, Skywalker and I made dash across the border for a Trader Joe’s run. (By “dash” I mean it took about an hour each way including wait time at the border.) Trader Joe’s is an awesome little grocery that’s found only in the States. They’ve got their own brand of more natural, wholesome, local and organic foods & wines. And compared to  similar items in Canada, the prices are FANTASTIC.

I saw these fresh stalks of brussel sprouts on special….$2.99 for the whole stalk. In Canada I’d be paying at least $5 for a bag of about the same amount…and not on a stalk.

Brussel sprouts! yum!

We also picked up a brick of unsalted organic butter for $4. That’s $2-3 cheaper than what a brick of organic butter in Canada would cost. Two litres of organic almond milk was $3 instead of the $4.50 we pay for non-organic almond milk. Their cheeses are also great…and for 30-50% cheaper. Wines are often less than $5 a bottle….however unless you’re staying overnight, you can’t bring any back…unless you want to pay more duty than your wine is worth. Meh…tis ok.

We noticed a fair number of BC plated vehicles in their parking lot…clearly many of us feel the same way about Trader Joe’s. Hopefully people are being respectful as to not make local residents want to demand resident-only shopping hours as well. We filled up for about $0.91/L at Chevron and then drove back home. Love being so close to the border. (And also love a nearly par Canadian dollar.)

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