They Talking ’bout Me??

(Image not mine)

Have you ever read someone’s blog post/tweet/FB status/comment/etc and thought “Are they talking about me??

Mrs PR brought up an interesting thought on this topic. While the person who posted usually isn’t talking about you, there IS some content in there that reveals something about yourself….maybe some quality that you don’t want to be associated with. Or some trait that you’re embarassed about. Something. And it gets your defenses up.

This totally happens to me. I might read a friend’s tweet that says “Some people need to mind their own business” and then start thinking…”Was that directed at me? Should I have not asked about ____?? I thought we were good friends???” Anyone relate?

Looking back at these thoughts, I see that it actually tells me a number of things about myself.

  1. Maybe I am a little nosey sometimes.
  2. Maybe I shouldn’t try to find out about what’s going on in someone’s life. If they want to share, they will share.
  3. Maybe I’m insecure about friendships or insecure about whether the friendship is as deep as I thought it was.
  4. Maybe I’m insecure about myself, about who I am and how I’m perceived.
  5. Maybe I think a little too highly of myself that others would bother to be writing about me at all.

My guess is that 98% of the time, the post/tweet/etc is not about me….but it revealed things about myself that could make me a better person if I changed. I need to be humble and honest enough to look at why I felt defensive. By admitting the shortcomings to myself, I can start the process of changing some of those negative traits and qualities. Extend grace and benefit of the doubt to believe the post/tweet/etc wasn’t directed at you. And move on.


3 responses

  1. I think thats a good way of looking at things. Remember too though, some folks post things…wanting to be asked about them…only to turn around and say they don’t want to talk about it.

    In that sense, your right. It isn’t about you. =) Which is maybe a huge relief.

    • Yes and I hope that if anyone DOES have something they want to talk to me about…that they would just talk to me about it. =)
      Re new look: Thanks! I wanted more color.

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