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My mom told me about this ceramic frying pan I needed to check out. It wasn’t coated in Teflon that could be scratched off and/or leach into my food. It wouldn’t warp under high heat. It would be much healthier to cook with.

Some additional information about Teflon (taken from “The Healthy Home” by Dr Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz):

  • Most nonstick cookware is coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a polymer that a DuPont scientist discovered in 1938. It was trademarked as Teflon.
  • According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonstick pan at 680F on a regular electric stove released at least SIX toxic gases, including two carcinogens, two global pollutants, and a chemical known to be lethal to humans. You can reach this temperature just by preheating an empty pan at the high setting on a regular stove.
  • Pet owners have lost canaries, macaws, finches and other pet birds to “Teflon toxicity” where they suffocate after their lungs hemorrhage and fill with fluid. Even DuPont recommends removing pet birds from the kitchen before cooking with nonstick pans (though that webpage has since been removed). Think of how miners used to keep canaries in the mine as an indicator of air quality.

Scary stuff…so I’m happy to have this new ceramic alternative. =) And, it’s made in Korea!

When I saw that it was on sale at T&T for $25 (down from $39) I knew it was time to get it.

Well, it’s awesome to cook with. It heats evenly and browns food nicely. I’m used to cooking with a bit of oil so I still need to test its true non-stickiness but it’s already way better than the standard Teflon pan I have. Cleaning is also a cinch. Hope it’ll last the test of time!

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    • Hi, you are not supposed to use ceramic pans at very high temperatures anyways. But the pan heats pretty evenly and I have not noticed the coating coming off.

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