Die! Dyes!

(Image not mine)
I have a bad cold….with it, a bad cough. I basically hack my lungs out all night resulting in no sleep for me. Skywalker is thankfully a very sound sleeper so while my coughing racket might rouse him slightly, he falls back to sleep very quickly. After a particularly exhausing night of coughing, I decided to get a bottle of cough syrup. (We had a year old bottle of Buckley’s which wasn’t particularly effective after the first hour of taking it.)

After reading every cough syrup bottle at the local pharmacy for the strongest dose of cough suppressant (but without the pain killer because I didn’t want to be taking a bunch of unnecessary meds) I walked away with Benylin’s Cough and Cold. I couldn’t wait to get a good spoonful into my system to have a good chance at a full night’s sleep. For whatever reason I didn’t read the non-active ingredients prior to buying the bottle, I read them now, followed by the precautionary fine print. And it says “If you have a thyroid disease…,please consult a physician before taking this product.” What?! I read the non-active ingredients again and seeing FC&D Red No. 40 triggers a flag in my mind. I vaguely recall reading in different natruopath books that red dyes in particular could stimulate the thyroid.

I turned to Googling more information on the effects of dyes and it’s scary!

Here’s two lists of “inactive” ingredients and their adverse health effects:

And here are 9 food additives linked to ADHD:

We consume way too much dyed foods…think of all the gummy candies our kids are eating. I’m glad my parents were strict about not giving us junk food to eat (plus it’s a waste of money). And it’s mind-boggling to consider just how much of our food has coloring in it. I read the ingredient list of Kraft block cheeses (not the single slice stuff) and they add food coloring to cheddar as well as mozzarella. Pick up any processed/packaged food item and there almost always is food coloring in it. The FDA is only now slowly going through the harmful effects of some of the dyes (though a number of European countries have already banned its use). I was shocked….but now am more determined than ever to only buy foods that are dye free. It might cost more initially, but it’s cheaper than the cost of medicating for the harmful side-effects of consuming too much dye.

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