How will I get through it

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Recently I wrote about how too often we reach straight for some pills to take care of some reoccuring symptom without thinking twice about what we can change in our lifestyle in order to decrease the occurences of those symptoms. It sounds like I hardly take any meds…and at risk of sounding hypocritical, I do want to confess that Allegra-D and Ibuprofen totally makes my world a better place.

It’s to the point that I wonder how I will survive hay fever season, colds or headaches when/if I get pregnant and cannot take these pills. OMG.

I do honestly try my hardest to not take meds…during allergy season (which is pretty much from February to November for me) I’ve done nasal rinses and avoided super grassy/flowery areas…but hey, I live in Vancouver…it’s grassy and flowery for a MUCH longer period of time than in Alberta. And I didn’t move out here just to stay indoors all the time. Even the indoors presents its own host of allergens that wreck havoc on my sinuses. What can replace antihistamines or decongestants??

As for headaches or PMS cramps…I do first try hot water bags on the tummy, drinking warm teas, massaging my head and related trigger points. I don’t take pain killers “in case” I feel pain later. But at the end of the day, if it interfers with my ability to fall asleep at night…I’m taking an ibuprofen. I ❤ ibuprofen. Granted if I do get pregnant, I won’t have to worry about cramps…but headaches…gah. (Actually Mrs PR says I can take Tylenol…which is good…but I like iburpofen better.)

And then there are the colds…like the one I have now. So far I’ve survived with only a few teaspoons of Buckley’s as well as throat lozenges but if I can’t take any cough meds and it’s a really bad cough, then what? The Vaporub stuff doesn’t work for me. I am stocking up on Vitamin C, garlic extract, Cold FX, oregano oil…but there’s still going to be colds. Or worse, the flu.

I know, cross that bridge when/if I get there….but boy do I dread the day I cannot take meds.  Skywalker must dread it too as I’m a bit of a big baby when under the weather. =)

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  1. From experience, I rarely took any meds while pregnant. I actually found that I felt better while pregnant. I didn’t get sick, headaches were fewer and far between.

    As for allergies, I can’t help you. I’m very lucky to not have any allergies really. So I’m very sorry I have no advice.

    Good luck in your adventures! You will find things that work for you during pregnancy (when/if you get there). Not to mention communication with you and your OB will be critical so don’t stress too much. =)

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