We “fit”

After going on and on about the myth of “the One“…how does Skywalker fit into the picture? Well he’s THE ONE! Yay!

In seriousness though neither of us could say we were so taken in the moment we laid eyes on each other that we could barely say the first “hello”. I noticed he had good posture, nice build and a strong jawline but “meh, too bad he’s from Edmonton.” He noticed a girl with big eyes and a mysterious air about her…who would later brush him off a couple times. That’s all a story for another time. We made the decision to start dating after four months of corresponding and with Skywalker asking what my definition of “commitment” was right before asking me to be his girlfriend. Our entire dating period was long distance. Even the time between engagement and our wedding was long distance. One of Skywalker’s good friends asked if he really knew me well enough to marry me and his reply was if he waited to learn everything he could about me before he took the next step, he would never end up getting married…to anyone. He knew enough of my character and faith to be able to say we’d be good, committed life partners. I felt the same way.

It sounds very cerebral but it’s not lacking in romance or passion (we’re just not ruled by it). =)

We’ll be married two years in April…which I know is hardly any time compared to those married 20/40/50 years…but we can see how we’re becoming “the One” for each other. We come across things in our day-to-day that confirms our individual quirks just “fit” together. For starters, we can build Ikea furniture together without arguements (apparently this is a test)…as well as make a great cooking team. And we continue to find reasons we’re so glad to be married to each other. I greatly admire his faith and desire to seek after God in all he does. Yes there are many times we’ve revealed each other’s selfishness, and it stings at first, but then to be able to cover it with love and to support each other in becoming better individuals, all the while becoming a closer unit…it’s a mysterious but amazing process to go through together. I feel blessed!

Skywalker and I – taken by http://ClaraGlenna.wordpress.com

(Just want to share again though, that being single is better than being with someone who doesn’t honor or respect you. It is also a great blessing to be single! Never forget that.)


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